Insurance Company of The Bahamas offers a wide range of insurance products through our partner, J.S. Johnson.

Business Interruption
While our Fire & Extended Perils policy is designed to cover damage to the physical assets of your business, our Business Interruption policy is designed to cover those financial losses that your business may suffer following the occurrence of a specific insured event (i.e. a fire or a windstorm) plus the reasonable costs associated with returning your business to normal after such an event.

Contractors’ All Risks
We can provide you with a Contractors’ All Risk Insurance Policy which protects against loss or damage to a property while it is under construction as well as loss or damage to the construction materials and tools being used on the site.

Additionally, public liability coverage is available to protect you from sums that you may become legally liable to pay as a result of individuals being injured or their property being damaged during the period of construction.

Computer Insurance
With the constant advances in computing and internet technology, companies must ensure that their essential devices are protected at all times.

Our computer insurance policy is designed to protect your investment in the event of physical loss or damage to the equipment. Additional financial loss, such as the cost of recreating the data (but not the cost of data itself), and any increased cost of working to restore your network infrastructure can be insured along with the hardware.

Employers’ Liability
Our Employers’ Liability policy provides coverage for sums you may be legally liable to pay to an employee in respect of injury, disease, illness or death occurring during the course of their employment with you. This liability as an employer could arise, for example, if an employee injured himself due to you providing him with faulty equipment.

Fire and Extended Perils
If you own a business and wish your business premises to be insured against loss or damage, then we can provide this cover under our Fire and Extended Perils policy.

Our policy covers your building and its contents (stock, equipment, furniture, etc.) in the event of fire, lightning, hurricane, tornado, flood, malicious damage, and a number of other perils.

Marine Insurance
If you are looking to insure your boat, whether private or commercial, we can assist you by providing a policy that provides cover for loss or damage to your vessel resulting from accidents, fire or theft. We can also cover your liability to your passengers or others in the event that they are injured while you are operating your vessel. You can insure the entire vessel including the hull, engines, equipment, personal possessions, trailer, etc.

If you have goods to transport, we can also provide you with a cargo policy to protect your goods during shipment.

Money Insurance
If you wish to protect your business against loss of money from your premises or whilst in transit then we can issue you with a Money policy to protect against these contingencies. Our product is designed to cover you for loss of or damage to your company’s money (and money equivalents) on your business premises, in a bank’s night safe or while it’s being carried by an approved means.

Our policy also covers damage to your safe and/or strong room on your premises.

Public Liability and Products Liability
If you own business premises, then you have a potential liability exposure that you may want to insure against. Our Public Liability policy covers your legal liabilities to members of the general public in respect of claims they may make against you for injuries suffered or property damaged arising out your business’ operations, including costs and expenses incurred with our agreement in defending a claim.

Our Products Liability policy covers your legal liability in the event someone suffers sickness or injury, or has their property damaged by a product you supplied.

Theft Insurance
Our theft insurance policy is designed to cover loss or damage to property by theft (or attempted theft) involving forcible and violent entry or exit from your premises. We also cover damage to your building occurring as a result of the break-in or attempted break-in.